ANR-WJ707 Super Twin
ANR-WJ289 Net Cleaner
ANR-HP789G System

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Armada Systems, Inc. manufactures a full line of diver-operated Net Cleaning Systems that are effective on all types of aquaculture nets. For the past 10 years, Armada Systems, Inc. has been a world leader in designing and manufacturing of underwater cleaning equipment. Due to the lack of durable and effective Net Cleaning Systems, Armada was proposed by leading net manufacturers with the idea to design and manufacture a Net Cleaning System that would be reliable in the removal of heavy underwater marine growth. The Net Cleaning System is designed to remove marine growth. (i.e., oysters, barnacles, and mussels up to two inches (50 mm). Armada is introducing two new Net Cleaning Systems. Armada is the only system available worldwide that can efficiently and safely save nets with heavy growth and fish harvest that are in danger of being lost.

ANR-WJ207 & ANR-HP-789G

• Net cleaning heads sold seperately or with package
• Safe on all nets
• Clean nets provide a flow of fresh, clean oxygenated water
• Marine fouling has long been an enemy to aquaculture
• The build up on nets can result in decreased oxygen flow to the stock and increased risk of disease.
• Clean nets eliminate unwanted cage motion
• Clean nets produce higher profits to the fish farmer by reducing disease
• The system is environmentally friendly by eliminating the need for anti-fouling agents

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One year growth on Pacific Net-Pen

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