ANR-WJ707 Super Twin
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ANR-WJ707 Super Twin "NETRAZZOR"

  • Cleans a 1.4 meter (4 foot 8 inch) path!
  • Surface tender net cleaning system
  • Cleans nets without relocation of fish
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fish and net safe!!


For large and small sea pens & net cages. The unit is designed for one person operation, which means fast set up and easy mobility. Strong reliable work horse designed for cleaning any size net. Light weight and easy to operate. This unit is designed to create a powerful suction force that holds the ANR-WJ707 against the surface of the net.

•Tool is constructed of high grade marine stainless-steel with foamtex flotation collar
•No plastic parts!
•Flotation collar machined from solid piece of foamtex making the tool negatively buoyant by 5 lbs.
•Easily maneuverable by surface tender
•No moving parts come in contact with nets
•Powered by Vector-Jet nozzles
•Powerful suction force holds the tool against the net
•Designed for one person operation
•Environmentally friendly
•Nets are cleaned without removing fish
•No chemicals used in the net cleaning process
•Designed for continuous daily use
•Constructed of marine grade stainless steel for maximum life in salt water
•Modular design for easy maintenance
•Clean nets produce higher profits
•The ANR-WJ707 uses a high torque, high speed, swivel motor specially designed for net cleaning.
•Tool is capable of removing barnacles, zebra mussels, and tube worms up to 2" (5 cm)
•Remove heavy marine growth up to 2" (5 cm)
  Required Power: 10 GPM (38 liters per minute)
  Pressure Rating: 5000 PSI (34483 kPa)

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