ANR-WJ707 Super Twin
ANR-WJ289 Net Cleaner
ANR-HP789G System

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ANR-HP-789G Power Unit
High Pressure Water Power Unit
Powers ANR-WJ289 Net Cleaner

Non-diver & diver operated!
Non-diver can clean net/cage using surface poles.

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One year growth on Pacific Net-Pen

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•Non-diver & diver operated
•Well balanced, compact, lightweight, easy mobility
•All models pass a quality check point and are completely assembled and ready to use
•Powered by 24 Hp Commercial Honda Gasoline Engine
•Low oil shutoff
•Electric start
•Designed for continuous daily use
•Battery not included
•Extreme duty ceramic plunger pump
•Engine Spin on oil filter
•Mounted on a aluminum powder-coated welded frame with four stainless-steel casters
•5 Gallon (19 Liter) long run fuel tank
•Stainless-steel lifting eyes
•Spin on fuel filter

•Stainless steel, liquid filled, pressure outlet and inlet gauges
•200 ft (61 meters) high pressure hose with strong polymer cover, kevlar inner superflex braid, design provides improved bend radius and extends life in the hardest environmental conditions (hose contains no wire braid)
•Hose comes standard with stainless steel ferrules, fittings, and quick disconnects
•24 HP V-Twin engine with electric start
•Transistorized magneto ignitions system
•Low noise and vibration
•20 Amp charging system
•Full pressure lubrication
•Fully self contained power unit

Package includes: Power Unit, net cleaning tool, 2-100 ft. (30 m) Hydro Hoses, Standard Lance Gun, and Spare Parts Kit

  Water Power Output Options: 5 GPM (18.9 liters per minute)
  Pressure Rating: 4500 to 5000 PSI (31034 to 34483 kPa)
Dimensions & Weight (Power Unit):
  Weight: 370 lbs. (167.83 kg)
  Height: 37in. (93.9 cm)
  Width: 24 in. (60.9 cm)
  Length: 40 in. (101.6 cm)

Crated Turnkey Package: 700 lbs. (317 kg.)


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